TreTaylor International, Freight Forwarding Service


When a business decides to export their products they soon realize that they have to deal with the numerous barriers that have to be overcome to ship the product to the end customer.  In many cases, a business will look to a specialist. Here at TreTaylor International, we are that specialist freight forwarder.  AND can manage these obstacles. When you need a reliable Freight Forwarding Service, TreTaylor International can get your product where it needs to be regardless of size, origin or destination.

We offer a wide range of services….


With our tailored solutions, like documentation, it is important for the shipment of an item overseas. There are a number of documents that the freight forwarder needs to prepare for the shipment that requires specialist knowledge. Here’s just some of the services we offer for documenting.

  • Shipment Booking
  • Bill of Lading Preparation
  • Preparation and Electronic Filing of Electronic Export Information (EEI, formally SED)
  • Preparation, Consolidation and Forwarding of Export Documents
  • Shipment Monitoring and Project Management


The correct label will be required to show the precise items in the shipping container. Along with any hazardous items, country of origin, correct weight in pounds and kilograms, port of entry details. So all that in the language of the destination country. This can be a nightmare and is one of the factors that misses deadlines.  TreTaylor has many years experience and takes pride in low discrepancy rate.


Proper packaging of the commodity is not only highly regulatory, it can prevent it from reaching the destination completely. Also considering the environment where extreme temperatures or weather may be experienced.

  • Hazardous Cargo / Dangerous goods Certified
  • Refrigerant Specialized
  • Heavy weight cargo
  • Shipment Containers
  • even just Important paperwork

We specialize and handle anything you need shipped.  Your product, our pride.

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